Specifically, ICG offers technical support to companies and research organizations for international cooperation R&D Projects.

These R&D project building services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Research and Identification of public/private funding and/or project opportunities, in the US or abroad

  • Partner search for US-EU joint collaborative projects and consortium building

  • Assistance in the preparation of complete R&D project proposals, including proposal writing

  • Development of complete work plans, dissemination and exploitation plans, and project management


What are the benefits of being involved in a research project together with European companies and organizations?

  • Sharing the ownership of the project results, together with major R&D organizations and companies in Europe. As partner of the project, you will undertake special agreements on the developed technology license, for example giving you exclusive marketing and/or license in the US market.

  • Developing a prototype of the technology, very close to commercialization. If you will participate in R&D project under the EC scheme, the final result could be a prototype of the technology, as the EC research programs are less pre-competitive than US ones. Therefore, a great competitive advantage could be obtained against your US competitors.

  • Establishing partnerships with companies and organizations in Europe, which could generate new commercial opportunities. Being involved in joint research projects is a way to establish profitable partnerships with some of the major enterprises and research organizations in Europe and US.