ICG works in an extensive network that includes hundreds of companies and organizations throughout the USA and abroad, both Europe and Latin America. The Company also works in different types of international projects that have built their foreign network. Please read on below to review ICG’s work relationships in the USA and abroad.

National USA Network:

Within the USA, ICG has worked with a wide range of public, private, and industrial organizations that have strengthened their operations locally.

  • ICG works closely with the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE), also known as Italian Trade Commission, specifically with offices in Los Angeles, CA, New York City, NY, and Sydney, Australia. Its network of 115 offices in 86 countries around the world provides information and assistance to working with Italian Companies.

  • ICG is a member of the Italy-American Chamber of Commerce and Trade of New England (IACT), which facilitates cooperation between Italian and American industries and promotes collaboration among organizations from both regions.


  • Massachusetts state specific development organizations: MA Office of Business Development, MA Office of International Trade and Investment, the MA Alliance for Economic Development, andMassDevelopment.

  • US Small Business Development Centres and Technological Centres, specifically regarding the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant Program

  • Member of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, an industrial association comprising of many important technology companies located in Cambridge, MA.

  • Included in ICG’s network are other chief US academic institutes with important R&D departments such as: localMIT University, Harvard University and Northeastern University, also Temple University.

  • Massachusetts Biotechnology Council who provides expert support for our private business with the US biotechnology market, specifically regarding programmes that support strong, fast-growing biotech start-ups, “gazelles.”


While ICG’s collaboration with local organizations facilitates our business at home, our liaison with the European network can provide ICG with more than 13 years of experience and presence with links to all the major R&D organizations and centres of excellence in Europe. European private and industrial organizations in the fields of ICT, biotechnology, nanotechnology, renewable energy, etc., are also important components of the EU network.

Latin America:

In Latin America, ICG has cultivated a broad network in numerous Central and South American countries through distinct projects and collaborative efforts to promote US-LA collaboration and also working with INNOVA Group, to promote EU-LA cooperation. ICG worked with the Inter-American Development Bank and Multilateral Investment Fund in economic and policy research and analysis for several Latin American countries.

ICG also acts as a centre point and is involved in the majority of INNOVA S.p.A.’s business with Latin America.

Specifically in Canada, over the years ICG has built a relationship with important institutions like: Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), CANARIE, The Communications Research Centre (CRC) and the Centre de Recherche informatique de Montreal (CRIM). It’s vital to note that these organizations are networked with the Canadian National Research Council, the centralized public organization that creates and implements innovation policy initiatives.